The Omaha Chapter of the American Guild of Organists welcomes you to the chapter’s Website. The chapter, founded as the Nebraska Chapter AGO in 1917, changing to the Omaha Chapter AGO in the 1950’s, has continuously developed the mission of the American Guild of Organists, which reads: “The mission of the American Guild of Organists is to foster a thriving community of musicians who share their knowledge and inspire passion for the organ.”


Every interested reader will ask “how so?” The chapter has a continuing history of sponsoring highly respected organists in recital, often up to four or more concerts annually. Educational workshops, seminars, and lectures are presented by guest organists, offering professional growth opportunities to members and guests alike. The concerts and recitals are open to public, fostering continuous support and interest in organ and choral literature throughout the community and area. Moreover, the chapter collaborates with symphonic choirs and orchestras to bring major choral works to the area.


Organists and choral directors who are members of the Omaha chapter collaborate with one another, developing series which are locally sponsored, produced and presented. Examples of historic collaboration events include inter-parish Compline and Vespers series, denominational events, and community wide festivals. Members collaborate to develop chapter season programming, including seminars, workshops, hymn festivals, and organizing organ and choral related events open to the public through the year.


Omaha AGO hosts national and regional events, including conventions, January Jubilee, past AGO presidents, internationally recognized organists and choral directors. Chapter members are continuously active in local, regional and national leadership circles. The chapter membership includes composers of organ and choral music published by major American publishers, eagerly encouraged and supported by fellow members of the chapter.


More than a dozen members of the chapter hold AGO certification, including SPC, CAGO, and AAGO certificates, reflecting membership commitment to professional growth. Professional growth is observed as members attend national and regional AGO conventions, Organ Historic Society and Choral conventions, denominational conventions, seminars and workshops, and enrolling in courses at local and regional universities and colleges.


The Omaha Chapter AGO is a vital, growing chapter, representing membership that not only practices the mission of the American Guild of Organists, but cultivates a deep respect for fellow members, supporting one another with positive encouragement and friendship.



Dr. J. Gordon Christensen

Dean, Omaha Chapter AGO