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Welcome to the website of the Omaha Chapter American Guild of Organists, founded in 1917. The mission of the American Guild of Organists is to foster a thriving community of musicians who share their knowledge and inspire passion for the organ.


Toward this end, the chapter plans monthly meetings at which members attend workshops by local and regional organists; have opportunity to share music; and support each other with concern or share in successes in their respective positions. The chapter includes several nationally recognized composers and organists and has members active in local, regional, and national leadership. 16 members have achieved nationally recognized levels of certification within the Guild, showing a commitment to their growth.


The National AGO recognizes Young Organists who are members age 30 and younger. Omaha has several organ teachers who have brought a renewed focus to the education of young people. Young organists are trained and able to begin service as organists in local churches and several have achieved national certification. Omaha has hosted a Pipe Organ Encounter in the past, which is a nationally organized event offering a weeklong summer intensive study opportunity.


To share the chapter’s passion for the organ with the Omaha community, it has presented concerts by members and nationally known artists and choirs. Hymn Festivals are also a favorite event. Collaboration with Omaha congregations and individuals has resulted in several special concerts, services and other special events that require substantial funding.


As a vital, growing chapter, members have respect for each other and wo

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